Beyond Explanation?!

“The Void” is a six-episode comedy series that that had its premiere on Digital31 (channel 44), Brisbane’s community television station, in late October, 2011. The show is a “skit-com” about a group of unappreciated young filmmakers trapped by contract on a never-ending (12 years and counting) feature film project called “The Void”, under the direction of a woeful, yet inexplicably pretentious twat with a seemingly limitless supply of funding.

The stories revolve around the five underlings – Lu, the drama queen lead actress; Fex, the nerdy editor/visual effects guru; Milly, the down-trodden sound recordist; Ed, the sarcastic camera operator/grip; and Wilton, the brown-nosing gopher. In their endless struggles to appease the constantly-shifting, often illogical whims of Gustaf, their fascist director, they find themselves drifting in and out of tangential fantasies, intertextual parodies and parallel universes… all in the name of independent filmmaking.

The Void was conceived in early 2011 by creators Rita Artmann and Joe Bauer, who also star as Lu and Fex, respectively.

The Void was generously supported by The Actors Workshop and stars workshop graduates: Rita Artmann, Lawrence Silver, Chris Peppel, Carmel Savage, Rob Griffiths, Karen Dinsdale, Ellen Hardisty, Paige Wilcox, Nancy Rodrigues, Rob Jenkins, Greg Stone, Lorraine Page, Loretta Kung. Stage Combat Instructor Niki-J Price also makes an appearance.

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