Inspiration Leads to Action

Graduate Emelia Burns and Workshop founder and Principal Lyn Kidd joined forces in the past few years to build a school in Africa. Situated about 4 hours from Ghana’s capital Accra, it was clear to Emelia when she visited her family there that the school was in desperate need of classrooms. At that time, over 200 students were being taught in only 3 classrooms. It was then that Emelia realised that rather than buying books and pens as originally planned, for $200 dollars, she could buy 10 bags of cement, (the most expensive item when building in this area)and with the help of passionate locals, they were able to build a much needed classroom.

When Emelia returned to Australia and shared this news with Lyn, she was motivated to help. They soon realised that with about $1000, they could build the school a much needed hall for all the students to congregate in. After two years, the buildings are completed, and amazingly, it seems the local government has finnall taken notice of the outside help, and is now funding the building of a completed school with enough classrooms to accommodate the growing number of students.

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