Training Delivery


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Our students are ensured every opportunity of attaining competency through our framework of comprehensive training and assessment strategies.

Training is delivered via supervised application of the performance criteria in the classroom. Students are run through simulated auditioning and other workplace relevant scenarios to prepare them for professional work.

The training strategy involves an extremely high ratio of practical application and performance. This includes in-house productions for theatre each term to a public audience, and weekly shoots of film and television scenes. Original short films and self devised theatre are produced at the completion by the Advanced Diploma students

Students are assessed on their application of workplace relevant skills and knowledge, and all assessments involve practical demonstration of competency. Subjects involve assessment benchmarks as training progresses. Additional needs of individual students are identified and acted on throughout the progression of the course. Students receive direct feedback from each trainer on a weekly basis as well as at the end of each term.

Additionally, the work experience program allows students to apply and refine their skills. This takes their practical experience and competencies outside of the training context and into the workplace environment. As well as fostering professional networks, the work experience program reinforces a real world application of the students’ training and develops their professional practice, confidence and competency.