An independent production company..

Rita Artmann graduated from The Actors Workshop in 2007.  Since then she has established Artspear Entertainment, an independent production company with her partner Joe Bauer.  To date, Artspear have produced two independent feature films: The Killage (2011) and Australiens (2014), as well as the web series The Void (2013), and a host of short films including Property of the Grim Reaper, which won Best Visual Effects (2010 – 48hr film festival) and Gold Class, which came 6th in the international YOBI Film Competition.

Rita Artmann sat down with with the website team for a bit of Q&A..

TEAM: What advice would you give to newly developing artists and creators?

RITA: Two pieces of advice I learnt at the Workshop have been completely true in my case. 1. Make your own work. If you don’t want to give yourself a job, why should anyone else? 2. One audition really can change your life or career path.. So NEVER stop auditioning!

TEAM: What have you been up to since graduating?

RITA: I have worked on copious short films, educational videos, operations manuals, corporate role plays, theatre shows, independent features. I’ve had TV work, including playing the character of Sapphire on channel 9’s “The Strip”.

TEAM: So, how did Artspear Entertainment form?

RITA: In 2009 I auditioned for an independent feature film and was offered the lead role. Shortly after the shoot had begun, the production fell apart. I saw this as my first chance to produce. I could see great talent and enthusiasm within the film’s director, Joe Bauer, so I approached him with the idea that we redo the film. We decided to start from the beginning. We formed ArtSpear Entertainment an independent production company which focuses on comedy and bringing decent work to young Actors and Filmmakers

TEAM: So, how did you tackle your first production?

RITA: I didn’t think I would be able to fill the shoes of a producer, especially starting with a feature film. It is a huge job and I haven’t even been to film school, but I found my training at The Actors Workshop more than prepared me for the huge learning curve I was about to take and ended up being all I needed. Our first feature film The Killage turned out better than we could have hoped for.