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FILMINK: Even veteran actors say they are constantly learning. What did you learn from working with likes of people like John Jarratt and Roger Ward? How would you describe a day on set?

GEORGINA: There is an ease I think with a veteran actor on film. They have a sense of being really grounded, a sense of confidence, a sense of flow. Obviously on the film set, there is a lot of waiting around. You have to be very patient and calm, especially with a film like Bad Behaviour. There were days, particularly when we were getting into the gory bits, where Roger and I sat – him with a fire poker hanging out of his eye and I with an axe wound in my face – and we were like, ‘Check out the glamour!’ It’s really unglamorous. There are long days where you don’t get to do a lot of acting. It’s not like the theatre where you get up there and it’s two to three hours of absolute commitment and it’s done. You are there all day and you might do 30 or 60 seconds of acting so I think patience and a good sense of humour are essential!

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