Workshop Graduate

Robert trained over a period of four years at The Actors Workshop. Following graduation he honed his new skillset on dozens of local filmclips, TVCs and films (including the award winning ‘Undead’).

After stops in Munich and London, he found his first major television role in Croatia. Jozinović played english speaking roles in three Croatian telenovelas. In the period-piece Ponos Ratkajevih he played Randy, a British World War II pilot downed in Nazi-occupied territory and in Zakon Ljubavi played Will Markovich, an American-born Harvard law graduate (both screening in five countries). In the Croatian telenovela Larin Izbor Jozinović plays South African police officer Inspector Camden (screening in 17 countries).

He played a small role on the German biopic Max Schmeling, by renowned director Uwe Boll.

Jozinović’s most noteable role in Croatia was the main cast role of Doctor Dražen Ricijaš in the tv series drama Najbolje Godine. He played an Australian general practitioner. Two seasons of 318 episodes were filmed over two years and constantly gained excellent prime-time viewer ratings. The role was in Croatian. As preparation he enrolled for a semester at the University of Zagreb studying Croatian Language. Jozinović’s character became quite popular with the viewing public.
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