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LYN KIDD receiving the Kinetone Award from former Queensland Premier Anna Bligh

Principal LYN KIDD alongside MARK EATON, Director of EGO MANAGEMENT

Principal LYN KIDD alongside MARK EATON, Director of EGO MANAGEMENT


LYN KIDD, Soon after her acceptance speech

In Recognition of our Achievements…

KINETONE AWARD, Principal Lyn Kidd becomes first teacher and woman to receive the prestigious Kinetone Award

The 18th Annual Warner Roadshow Studios Queensland New Filmmakers Awards were held at the Griffith University Conservatorium Theatre on Thursday 22nd April 2004. In her previous role as Minister for the Arts and Education, Anna Bligh presented Lyn Kidd with the Kinetone Award for significant contribution to the Queensland film and television industry.

“This is the first time that the Kinetone Award has been presented to a teacher and a woman.” Ms Bligh said. “Lyn founded The Actors Workshop 10 years ago, a college that is nationally renowned for training actors for the film and television industry. She is passionate about creating career paths for both actors and film makers alike. As a result Lyn has helped to increase the quality of independent film making in Queensland, with many films going on to win Queensland New Film Makers Awards.”

Lyn opened her acting school in 1994 and has built the school up to a full time vocational college as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).  Over the years she has supported hundreds of young film makers from the tertiary, emerging and independent sectors with casting and production support, free of charge. This investment has contributed to a number of award winning productions and the kick start of commercial careers for some of Queensland’s leading young film makers. The reward also recognises the contribution Lyn has made to industry through benchmarking quality training for actors with the accreditation of her curriculum, the Advanced Diploma of Film, Television and Theatre Acting (accredited 1999).

Since 2000, film makers supported by Lyn and graduates from her school have won awards including Best Overall Film, Best Tertiary Drama, Best Director, Best Producer, Most Popular Film, Best Actor and Best Actress awards.

“I believe it is important for film makers, all artists really, to just get out and get on with it.” Kidd says. All I have done is support people who have shown me they are willing to go it alone rather than wait for public funding. In almost every case, these people achieve their goals and take their careers to the next step. They are the venture artists, the entrepreneurs and they are the best hope our production industry has.”

presented to The Actors Workshop

The Actors Workshop was chosen as the Small Training Provider of the Year at the 2004 Queensland Training Awards.

This category is for training organisations with less than 2000 students per year, across all industry training sectors in the state. With only 26 students between 2003 and 2004, the college is one of the smallest training providers in the state, making this recognition by the Queensland training industry even more significant.

The school would like to thank all the students, staff, film makers and other organisational partners who have contributed to making the training strategies of The Actors Workshop unique, innovative and award winning best practice.

The Actors Workshop and our teachers have been awarded many accolades and acknowledgements from a number of key industry stakeholders over the years. For more information please visit our Industry Awards page.